Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Just when I thought that I was all shopped out, another gorgeous piece of clothing finds its way into my line of sight. Luckily, this time around it wasn't just an impulse purchase but something that I've been wanting for awhile:

Witchery Sheer Silk Floral Top

I love how soft and floaty it is...despite its sheerness, when layered over a 3/4 sleeve top it is surprisingly warm enough to wear indoors in winter, which means I'll be getting some wear out of this even before the weather heats up again.

I adore how it pretties up any outfit with its dreamy (and slightly hippie) lavender floral print. I definitely do not have something like this in my wardrobe yet so I'm very excited about the possibilities of teaming it with the more boring clothes I have...

Here's an idea of how I'm going to wear it when spring comes around:

With my new Siren lace-ups and DIY Levi's cutoff shorts

But for now since we're in the middle of winter, I think I'll just add a pair of stockings until the weather decides to warm up again!

Loving all the bargains during the end of financial year sales!

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