Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wanted: Ankle Boots

I have been searching high and low since last winter for the perfect ankle boots - something low cut (to elongate the legs) and slightly unconventional since ankle boots are everywhere these days.

I was thinking of a nice dove grey pair, but it is difficult to find this shade but look what's on sale at the moment:

Nine West 'Kimbell' Lace Up Oxford Platform Heels - $89.50

They come in a (safe) black too, but almost all of my winter shoes are I was hoping to get a different colour to change things up a bit. I'm not too keen on the lace up detail (I prefer zips, buttons, studs as embellishment etc.) but these are pretty cute and I'm sick of searching!

I'll be checking these babies out tomorrow at a Nine West store (fingers crossed they still have my size!) and if the grey doesn't make me look too stumpy, these will be mine at last! =)


  1. Great oxfords, I love the platform! and I'm really feeling grey accessories this winter.

  2. those boots are gorgeous

  3. Thanks for the comments lovelies, unfortunately they sold out of my size! =(

  4. You can buy similiar ones from Asos in the Mink colourway, I have them in black and they are really really nice: