Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Amazing American Apparel Circle Scarf

I must have been living under a rock or something because I've only just heard about this fantastic piece of clothing that you can wear in so many ways - a real multitasker and value for money priced at $47 for something that can be worn as...well...pretty much anything you want! I'm liking the shawl and hooded shawl (but with hood down!)

Usually I would be pretty skeptical about things like this actually living up to the hype but here are some real life examples of stylish girls working it:

niquita, looking gorgeous in AA Circle Scarf Dress
(I wonder how she got it to sit that way...)
Source: Chictopia

My favourite style that I would definitely be trying to recreate:

Rowena aka fashion_lover wearing the AA circle scarf as skirt
Source: Chictopia

Can you even tell that it's a scarf?

I love the way that it drapes on her, and it seems to fit perfectly!

Can't wait to get my hands on one...but there are so many colour choices I don't know which one I should get!

I was thinking navy, charcoal (I think that's what Rowena has) or a lighter greyish blue (Slate).

What do you lovely readers think?


  1. very cool, I love multi-use stuff! i love it as a skirt but great as a scarf too!

  2. I really need this; I love how versatile it is!

    I'd get the black one, personally - but then again, I do tend to favor black for its classic versatility!

    La C.