Wednesday, June 3, 2009


As you may have noticed by now, I love the waist-defining abilities of belts. They can make clothes that are too big for you suddenly fit perfectly and can even change the whole vibe of an outfit.

I tried this out with a couple of belts over my new watermelon coloured chiffon ruffle dress
(yes, I'm wearing colour!):

Dress by itself

Dress with Studded Belt

I think that the belt makes the plain dress much more fun...

Dress with Cream and Tan Belt

I can definitely see myself wearing this exact outfit when summer comes around again!

The beauty of this is that belts are fairly cheap and yet they have the power to transform an outfit - so if you're getting bored of wearing the same old clothes, try investing in a few good statement belts to revive your wardrobe!


  1. I love the dress with that cream & tan belt! It sure does give it a little extra oomph. :)

  2. Thanks Penelope =) That's my favourite look too!