Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Just when I thought that I was all shopped out, another gorgeous piece of clothing finds its way into my line of sight. Luckily, this time around it wasn't just an impulse purchase but something that I've been wanting for awhile:

Witchery Sheer Silk Floral Top

I love how soft and floaty it is...despite its sheerness, when layered over a 3/4 sleeve top it is surprisingly warm enough to wear indoors in winter, which means I'll be getting some wear out of this even before the weather heats up again.

I adore how it pretties up any outfit with its dreamy (and slightly hippie) lavender floral print. I definitely do not have something like this in my wardrobe yet so I'm very excited about the possibilities of teaming it with the more boring clothes I have...

Here's an idea of how I'm going to wear it when spring comes around:

With my new Siren lace-ups and DIY Levi's cutoff shorts

But for now since we're in the middle of winter, I think I'll just add a pair of stockings until the weather decides to warm up again!

Loving all the bargains during the end of financial year sales!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Siren Call

I think I may have jinxed myself in my last post because Nine West had actually sold out of my size in the Grey Kimbell Oxfords =( (If you're a size 7+ then you're in luck, head down there and grab a pair for yourself, they're gorgeous!)

I tried on the Black Kimbells in my size but thought they were a bit too boring so I left and in my disappointment I wandered into Wanted Shoes and found these quirky Siren Oxfords as a consolation prize:

They're an interesting shade of brown ('Brandy') that can tide me over from winter to spring and autumn and have an awesome cone-shaped stacked heel that will be impervious to the damage I will be inflicting on them (I hate leather covered heels because I always scuff them and the rips in the leather look horrible!)

Although I still prefer grey leather, these were calling out to me to buy them and how can I resist a good bargain?!

Here's how they look on me:

Looking forward to trying these out with some outfits soon!

Do any of you lovelies have any tips on how to prevent the heel scuffing problem?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wanted: Ankle Boots

I have been searching high and low since last winter for the perfect ankle boots - something low cut (to elongate the legs) and slightly unconventional since ankle boots are everywhere these days.

I was thinking of a nice dove grey pair, but it is difficult to find this shade but look what's on sale at the moment:

Nine West 'Kimbell' Lace Up Oxford Platform Heels - $89.50

They come in a (safe) black too, but almost all of my winter shoes are black...so I was hoping to get a different colour to change things up a bit. I'm not too keen on the lace up detail (I prefer zips, buttons, studs as embellishment etc.) but these are pretty cute and I'm sick of searching!

I'll be checking these babies out tomorrow at a Nine West store (fingers crossed they still have my size!) and if the grey doesn't make me look too stumpy, these will be mine at last! =)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

These are a few of my favourite things...

Classic style
Short beige trenches with dark buttons paired with hot Christian Louboutin stilettos and killer legs...

Gorgeous ad for the Miss Dior Cherie L'eau perfume
The whimsical pastel coloured balloons and sky...

The stunning Leighton Meester as Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl - she looks fabulous as a brunette!

I've been busy studying for finals, will try to update with outfit posts as soon as it is all over! xoxo

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Amazing American Apparel Circle Scarf

I must have been living under a rock or something because I've only just heard about this fantastic piece of clothing that you can wear in so many ways - a real multitasker and value for money priced at $47 for something that can be worn as...well...pretty much anything you want! I'm liking the shawl and hooded shawl (but with hood down!)

Usually I would be pretty skeptical about things like this actually living up to the hype but here are some real life examples of stylish girls working it:

niquita, looking gorgeous in AA Circle Scarf Dress
(I wonder how she got it to sit that way...)
Source: Chictopia

My favourite style that I would definitely be trying to recreate:

Rowena aka fashion_lover wearing the AA circle scarf as skirt
Source: Chictopia

Can you even tell that it's a scarf?

I love the way that it drapes on her, and it seems to fit perfectly!

Can't wait to get my hands on one...but there are so many colour choices I don't know which one I should get!

I was thinking navy, charcoal (I think that's what Rowena has) or a lighter greyish blue (Slate).

What do you lovely readers think?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


As promised, an outfit post with one of my new purchases:

Tokito Silver/Charcoal Floral Print Skirt, $69.95

Among all the clothes on sale at Myer...this full priced skirt called out to me and I couldn't resist.

It ticks all my boxes - highwaisted, mid-thigh length, subtle floral print (I've been wanting one for ages!) and with a paperbag tie waist.

I added my DIY chain necklace to see how it looked together...but felt that it looked too prim and proper!

I think that the skirt makes enough of a statement on its own, so I'll probably be toning down the jewellry when I wear it again.

Monday, June 8, 2009

I Love Snail Mail

It's a little belated - but my Lie Detector Necklace came in the post a couple of days ago!!

I'm so relieved that my first online purchase went so smoothly, I think that I'm brave enough to try more online shopping soon =)

Here's some photos of the lovely packaging that it came in:

The necklace and the little card:

The necklace on me:

Unfortunately my photography skills aren't good enough to get a picture of the details on the necklace to show up, but rest assured that it looks exactly like the picture on the Etsy shop that I posted before.

Hmmm...I seem to be having a jewelry overload lately, so I'll be doing some outfit posts with my new clothes purchases soon to balance things out!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

DIY: Pearl, Black Ribbon and Silver Multi-Row Chain Necklace

I was browsing the sales in my area the other day and I spotted some nice necklaces that looked a lot like this one:

Source: ASOS

They seem to be everywhere these days and I like how a simple necklace can add some flair to a boring outfit. So I was planning to buy one, when suddenly inspiration struck me - I realised that I already had all the ingredients for making such a necklace myself.

1. Old pearl necklace that someone had gifted to me when I was just a kid and thought pearls were too old lady
2. A metre of thin black ribbon - from wearing ribbons in high school in my hair
3. Silver chain originally for a cross body bag that I never use

What I did was just weave the ribbon through the clasps of the necklace and the silver chain and then tie double knots to hold them in place. I left some extra ribbon at each end to use to tie the necklace together with a bow, like the in the ASOS necklace picture above.

5 minutes later:

My very own handmade pearl, black ribbon and silver multi-row necklace!

I'm feeling very resourceful using up these random items that I had just lying around my room that never got any wear and I love the idea of making my own stuff.

I can't wait to wear this out!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


As you may have noticed by now, I love the waist-defining abilities of belts. They can make clothes that are too big for you suddenly fit perfectly and can even change the whole vibe of an outfit.

I tried this out with a couple of belts over my new watermelon coloured chiffon ruffle dress
(yes, I'm wearing colour!):

Dress by itself

Dress with Studded Belt

I think that the belt makes the plain dress much more fun...

Dress with Cream and Tan Belt

I can definitely see myself wearing this exact outfit when summer comes around again!

The beauty of this is that belts are fairly cheap and yet they have the power to transform an outfit - so if you're getting bored of wearing the same old clothes, try investing in a few good statement belts to revive your wardrobe!