Saturday, June 6, 2009

DIY: Pearl, Black Ribbon and Silver Multi-Row Chain Necklace

I was browsing the sales in my area the other day and I spotted some nice necklaces that looked a lot like this one:

Source: ASOS

They seem to be everywhere these days and I like how a simple necklace can add some flair to a boring outfit. So I was planning to buy one, when suddenly inspiration struck me - I realised that I already had all the ingredients for making such a necklace myself.

1. Old pearl necklace that someone had gifted to me when I was just a kid and thought pearls were too old lady
2. A metre of thin black ribbon - from wearing ribbons in high school in my hair
3. Silver chain originally for a cross body bag that I never use

What I did was just weave the ribbon through the clasps of the necklace and the silver chain and then tie double knots to hold them in place. I left some extra ribbon at each end to use to tie the necklace together with a bow, like the in the ASOS necklace picture above.

5 minutes later:

My very own handmade pearl, black ribbon and silver multi-row necklace!

I'm feeling very resourceful using up these random items that I had just lying around my room that never got any wear and I love the idea of making my own stuff.

I can't wait to wear this out!


  1. What a clever DIY it looks wonderful! x

  2. That's a great idea and it turned out so well! Lovely! x Sushi