Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I've always loved the effortless look of high waisted denim skirts with buttons down the front but I could never manage to find one that would actually suit me...until I stumbled upon this gorgeous skirt from Lover from their Electric Ladyland collection (A/W08):

It is so versatile and pretty - received mine in the mail today and I can't wait to wear it when the weather decides to actually act like it's Spring =)

Oh my pictures don't do it justice =( I need a better camera...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Diamonds in the Rough

Firstly, apologies again for the lack of updates, but I haven't been doing many blogworthy things lately because I've had exams and assignments to do =(

Luckily today I did something more interesting - I wandered into the renovated PaperScissors store (it used to be Temt) to kill some time during my lunch break and I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw - some decent items amongst all the cheap, generally tacky/nasty clothes.

Here are my beautifully constructed bargain finds:

White/Black Spots Chiffon Tulip Skirt with Black Grosgrain Waist Bow

Surprisingly, it fits like a dream and is very well made. I can see myself wearing this to everything from days out with the girls to fancy dinners =)

Next up:

Grey, champagne and black satin detail tee

I love the look of this tee, I usually wear very plain tops but the detailing on this is very subtle and classy.

Moral of my little story is that you shouldn't look down on stores with a certain reputation because you never know what you'll find there - at a very reasonable price too! So keep an open mind when shopping and you may just end up with some pieces that you and your wallet will love =)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bandage Me Up

Isn't it strange how when you are actively looking for a certain something, you will never find it? Yet when you've given up looking, it falls right into your lap when you least expect it...

My latest obsession is with bandage dresses (or just more fitted dresses) after wearing flowy, floaty dresses for the past few seasons due to the comfort factor. But now, I feel like it's time to embrace my curves and make the most of them...but the shops are not cooperating with me and I can't find many fitted dresses.

The bandage dress trend started awhile ago with Herve Leger:

Now this look has been translated for the Australian masses by Bardot:
Spliced bandage dress on sale for $29.95
Wave bandage dress, on sale for $29.95

Unfortunately, both these dresses had sold out in my size so I had to look at Bardot's other offerings and in the end, I walked out of the store with this:

Origami dress, $89.95

While it isn't a bandage dress, it is fitted enough while still having gorgeous pleat detailing that gives it a more sophisticated vibe.