Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bandage Me Up

Isn't it strange how when you are actively looking for a certain something, you will never find it? Yet when you've given up looking, it falls right into your lap when you least expect it...

My latest obsession is with bandage dresses (or just more fitted dresses) after wearing flowy, floaty dresses for the past few seasons due to the comfort factor. But now, I feel like it's time to embrace my curves and make the most of them...but the shops are not cooperating with me and I can't find many fitted dresses.

The bandage dress trend started awhile ago with Herve Leger:

Now this look has been translated for the Australian masses by Bardot:
Spliced bandage dress on sale for $29.95
Wave bandage dress, on sale for $29.95

Unfortunately, both these dresses had sold out in my size so I had to look at Bardot's other offerings and in the end, I walked out of the store with this:

Origami dress, $89.95

While it isn't a bandage dress, it is fitted enough while still having gorgeous pleat detailing that gives it a more sophisticated vibe.


  1. I dunno about all the high street copies...the whole point of a bandage dress is to hold you in - it's a special really tight elastic like that stuff people wear under dresses to hold them in. But the high street ones just aren't the the origami dress though!

  2. I see your point Coco, the high street copies will never look as amazing as the original Herve Legers - but not all of us can afford them! =(

    Thanks for your comment! =)