Saturday, July 4, 2009

True Lust

Here's a heads up to any Aussie girls (and overseas online shoppers) out there who have seen the lovely Betty of rocking these awesome gold studded ankle booties and like me, wished that they could get their hands on them:

I think Betty said that hers are from Oasis, which is a brand that ASOS stocks, but I have found the exact same ones on the Zimmermann website retailing for $250 (down from $500)!
I saw them in store today and debated whether to get them or not because they are absolutely gorgeous and would glam up any outfit...but I'll have to sleep on it since I already have some ankle boots now and if I get these, then I won't get as much wear out of the boots I already have!

If I can't get them out of my head by tomorrow...I think I'll cave in and buy them ><

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