Saturday, July 18, 2009

Chasing Waterfalls

I'm back from my relaxing and refreshing holiday and ready to get back into my life as I left it, which includes this blog, of course =)

One thing about traveling that really got to me was the feeling of living out of a suitcase - no matter how cleverly you think you packed for your trip, you will always feel as though you don't have enough clothes or you didn't pack the right clothes for the various situations that will inevitably pop up during your vacation.

Having access to my full wardrobe was one of the nicest things about coming back home and I definitely intend to make up for all the lost time, by wearing some fabulous outfits to ease myself back into my usual lifestyle.

One of my favourite pieces of clothing at the moment is the Drape Cardigan (a.k.a. Waterfall or Wrap cardigan), which is a subtle yet gorgeously girly update on the humble cardigan that has become a staple of many wardrobes (including mine) over the past few seasons.

Here are the ones that have caught my eye in a few different price ranges:

Witchery Solid Wrap Cardigan $149.95

Bardot Waterfall Cardigan in Melon $59.95

Valleygirl Shrug Cardigan $29.95

I personally prefer my drape cardigans to be made of more lightweight fabrics such as viscose and jersey to give it that floaty look and feeling but a thin knit would also work for a warmer alternative.

I recently bought mine in a black jersey material and love how it adds a touch of frilly goodness to my outfits without being too over the top. I think that it looks best with skinny jeans (since the drapes conveniently hide my winter saddlebags!) and heels, like this:

I adore how it also comes with a thin belt so I can play around with tying it at the waist or at the back to create different silhouettes and also to keep it in place. Can't wait to try it out with other outfits =)

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  1. I love your tank; the design is quite fabulous!

    La C.