Monday, May 25, 2009

Zip it

Lately I've been drawn to clothes with exposed zips. I'm a bit late to the trend, they have been around for awhile now!

I've been looking for a dress or skirt with a zip down the length of it, but haven't been able to find a flattering one. I don't want to spend too much on this either because I know that it's just another trend, so it's lucky that the chainstores have been flooded with these clothes lately and now I'm kind of spoilt for choice!

Here's an option that I was considering from my online window shopping:

VG black zip skirt, $29.95

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get to a VG store (their stores have been rebranded and VG is no longer located in places that are easy for me to get to! Boo.)

So instead today I made this impulse buy to satisfy my exposed zip craving temporarily:

The top is a size 8, but it's still a little big for me as you can see by the unsightly bulging at the waist where I attempted to tuck it into my skirt...

So I added a belt to give it more definition

Now I'm contemplating whether to get it in red with black stripes as well, which has a more punky vibe, so that I keep to my resolution to wear more colour...

I can't decide! Should I buy the tee in red too?


  1. The belt really pulled the outfit off! I have one just like that:)

  2. I love anything with zippers! I have this lovely cream sweater an exposed zipper in a contrasting black on the back!

    Hm... I think you should stick with the black! =]

    La C.

  3. La Couturier - that sweater sounds lovely! After sleeping on it, I decided not to get the red...everything really does look better in black after all!

    Roxanne - it's a great belt! =) Where did you get yours?