Sunday, May 17, 2009

Thoughts on style

My philosophy about fashion is that it is not the brand or the cost of the clothes that makes an outfit look fabulous, but whether the outfit has 'style'.

what is style?

It is something intangible and h
ard to put into words...but unmistakable once you see it for yourself.

It is not about trends, but rather wearing what suits you and highlights your best features...

It is when you see someone put together an incredible outfit and you realise that they are all chain store items but it looks like something straight out of an editorial.

Most importantly, it is when someone looks comfortable in what they are wearing and also knows that they look amazing.

I admire the people that have this elusive quality and hope that someday I wil
l be able to exude it too. My style inspirations...

Audrey Hepburn

Nicole Richie

Rachel Bilson

What do you think style means?

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