Thursday, May 28, 2009



My browse around French Connection was not successful at all - I tried on the Zip Dress in a size 6 and it was still too big (which reminded me of the reason why I don't shop at FCUK).

Why can't Australian stores stop with the vanity sizing and bring back some consistency - I'm usually the smallest size for each brand (which nowadays is anywhere from a size 4/XXS to a size 8/S) and I'm sick of being unable to find clothes that fit me properly because the 'smallest' is not small enough =(

Anyway, back to FCUK - I did like the Corker Check Skirt but had to think about whether I really needed it and luckily for me, in the next store that I went to I found a cheaper version (with pockets!):

Subtitled 'Love Exists' Skirt

Here's what it looks like on me:

It's kind of sheer (no lining) so I wore another skirt underneath as a slip, which I had bought at the same place as the check skirt - the 2nd skirt was technically free because it was a buy 1 get 1 free offer!

Here's what the 2nd skirt looks like on its own:

It's meant to be a blue highwaisted bandage skirt and it's actually a size too big for me, but if I hike it up and wear a top over it, you can't tell, right? =)

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  1. Cute looks. I'm looking forward to more posts:)
    I'm pretty new to blogging to.. i still don't even know how to link properly lol.