Tuesday, May 26, 2009

f c u k

I don't usually shop at French Connection (home of those 'witty' shirts) but I had a look around their website today and was pleasantly surprised by what I saw.

Let's just say that they seem to be housing all the clothes that I've been wanting these last few blogs posts...

Exhibit 1: Zip Dress

'Sound of Spring' Dress, $99.95

Exhibit 2: Rose Print Skirt
T-Osaka Rose Skirt, $49.95

Exhibit 3: Chec
k Skirt
(OK not strictly something I've been blogging about, but it's cute!)

Corker Check Skirt, $59.95

The Zip Dress looks gorgeous, it has a flattering cut and sleeves AND a waist defining belt. Sounds like a winner to me!

The Rose Print Skirt looks a little long, but I can't really tell from the picture. (That's why I never buy anything online! I need to try things on first because sometimes what looks good on the mannequin/model doesn't translate so well on me.)

The Check Skirt reminds me of my schoolgirl days...but the colour scheme is a little too dark.

I will definitely be heading into French Connection to have a look around in real life tomorrow!

Oh, and I also found this on the website:

Black Satchel, $59.95

What a nice looking bag for that price! I might get it for my mum if I end up seeing it in store tomorrow =)

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