Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I'm not usually a jewelry person because I generally only have a few minutes before I need to dash out the door in the mornings so I only manage to accessorise with a pair of earrings most days.

But lately I've been wanting to find a new ring...something dainty, but edgy at the same time.

So I did some window shopping online and narrowed it down to these styles:

Source: GSOL Jewelry

The Korcula Laura Ring

The problem with these rings was that I was afraid that such a wide ring would overwhelm my petite hands, since all the previous rings that I owned were a more traditional thin single band with various decorations.

I thought that perhaps my wish for a different kind of a ring would remain unfulfilled, until I encountered this ring during a recent shopping expedition:

The ring on my small hands

It is quite difficult to get a proper close up of the detailing on the ring, but it is a kind of swirly flowery print that is reminiscent of decorative prints on metal armour. Everytime I look at this ring, I am reminded of Lord of the Rings...

Back of the ring

I'm pretty happy with my purchase, because it combines elements of both the rings I was interested in online and adds a touch of etherealness that is its own.
But I'm still getting used to seeing such a thick ring on my finger...although it's so gorgeous that I don't really care if it looks too big for me =)

Any guesses which Australian chainstore I bought this at?

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  1. Love that ring!

    I have such petite hands/fingers too! But the Korcula ring doesn't overwhelm my hands at all =] I'm in love with it! Perfection in a ring =]

    La C.